About Us & Mission

Here at stones we love the earth and all the beauty and magnificence it has to offer. The universe vibrates at the highest frequencies through its crystals, minerals and gems. Sometimes these vibrations can tune our energies and souls just as one would tune a guitar. By bringing meditation, intention and manifestation into our lives we can expand and discover our true loving selves to the deepest extent. 

We believe in quality over quantity. All of our crystals, fossils and minerals are sourced directly from our trusted international partners. Every specimen is inspected and held to the highest standards. We have been working with a wonderful team of local geologists, archeologist and rare specimen collectors for the past 15 years to ensure we can keep the grade level of minerals and crystals at the highest level while maintaining affordable pricing for our dear customers.

We are honored to be the #1 rated Crystal, Gemstone, Mineral and Fossil Shop in Arizona.  We do offer the largest selection of energy and chakra healing Crystals ranging from the most unique and rare finds to the most common and popular Crystals! New additions are added monthly. Our passion here at Stones has expanded past crystals alone and we are excited to now feature our very extensive collection of ancient fossils, ammonites, prehistoric shark teeth, meteorites, volcanic stones & more! Stones is truly a geologists' heaven!


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