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Copper Healing Sphere - 100% Natural Copper - 2 Inches

Copper Healing Sphere - 100% Natural Copper - 2 Inches

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This beautiful copper sphere measures 2 inches and is ideal for decorative purposes.

Origin: Michigan

Key Words: Channeling and grounding higher vibrations, conducting and enhancing stone energies

Chakras: All

Element: Earth

Physical: Supports the blood, aids tissue repair, increases vitality

Emotional: Helps one gain spiritual perspective on emotional experiences

Spiritual: Aids in manifesting spiritual energies in the material world

Copper can carry stone energies the way a copper wire electricity. Crystal grids can be enhanced by connecting the stones with Copper Wire. Pyramids or geometric forms constructed from copper tubing filled with crystals make extremely high-energy meditation chambers. Copper encourages experimentation and invention. It resonates with the planet Uranus and its energy of revolutionary ideas and unexpected serendipitous change. 

Copper can be used for treating arthritis, work by opening the blocked energy flow of which the arthritic symptoms are a manifestation.

**All stones from our shop are ethically sourced. Each one is made with love & light, cleansed, and carefully packaged before being sent out to you!  Please note these are natural stones and some may have minor "imperfections" such as cracks or chips. Some stones naturally have veins, caves, or druzys.**

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