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100% Natural Italian Red Coral Branch, Mediterranean Coral Polished - 3.5"-5"

100% Natural Italian Red Coral Branch, Mediterranean Coral Polished - 3.5"-5"

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Red Coral 100% Natural Italian Red Coral Gemstone Loose Branch. The Red Coral is ruled by the planet Mars which is a symbol of energy. It surges ambition, courage, and confidence. It eliminates fear and anxiety leading to more success and prosperity. Not just that, it improves mental health thereby taking care of issues like insomnia, and depression.

The Red Coral is a powerful stone that provides the power to face difficult situations and challenges in life with self-respect and a strong will. It aids in blood circulation which further benefits heart function. The Red Coral acts as a catalyst in finishing uncompleted tasks, thus eliminating lethargy and procrastination.

It increases bonding and longevity of relationships, drives out negativity, and embraces peace and positivity. The Red Coral Stone is also believed to be a symbol of good luck and fortune. 

Physical: Red Coral gives relief in physical health issues related to bones and may help in healing knee problems, arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual problems,

Key Words: Vitality, Energy and ambition

Chakras: Sacral Plexus

Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Scorpion, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Sizes vary: 3.5 - 5 Inches Long

**All stones from our shop are ethically sourced. Each one is made with love & light, cleansed, and carefully packaged before being sent out to you!  Please note these are natural stones and some may have minor "imperfections" such as cracks or chips. Some stones naturally have veins, caves, or druzys.**

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