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Large Natural Rose Quartz Hand Polished Hearts - Grade A+

Large Natural Rose Quartz Hand Polished Hearts - Grade A+

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These hand-picked natural rose quartz hearts are all delicately polished by hand. 100% Pure Grade A Rose Quartz from Madagascar.

This Rose Quartz and chakra bead bracelet is handmade with 8mm genuine high-quality gemstones. Rose Quartz is the pure stone of love for oneself, one's partner, children, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe, and the divine. 

Meditating with Rose Quartz brings an envelope of love around oneself and activates the heart chakra. Healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust is among Rose Quartz's gifts.

Key Words: Love, gentleness, emotional healing, the release of stress, uniting with the divine

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Taurus

Physical: Supports the heart in healing from trauma and or disease.

Chakras: Heart

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits: Aids in releasing past wounds, and teaches trust and hope. Encourages spirituality of love, links one with the great mother

  • You will receive 1 Heart
  • Heart is 3" wide 
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